Goals are normally made to get more or have more of what you may already have.  The real purpose of a goal is in fact to have you grow as an individual.  To grow as an individual you need to draw on something deep within that you did not even know you had.  If you have a goal and you know how to achieve that goal already by having done it before, it is not a goal.  There is no growth in achieving something you have already achieved.  You are going sideways and not forward.

There are three types of goals.  “A” type goals are goals that you know how to achieve.  There is no growth in achieving “A” type goals.  “B” type goals are goals that you think you can do by planning and utilising possible resources to get the results you are seeking.  “B” type goals however are not that inspiring which is why many fail to complete “B” type goals.

“C” type goals on the other hand, are goals you have never gone after before.  They are goals that you really, really want.  You may have absolutely no idea how you are going to achieve these goals, they may scare you, but you know it is something that you really want.

Wants are based on fantasy, but unfortunately for many adults, fantasizing is something many left back in childhood, having been conditioned from a very young age to stop fantasizing and dreaming because it would get us nowhere.  We have to re-learn to fantasize and to dream and not allow anyone else or anything else to steal that dream from us.

In setting your “C” type goal, you are not going to know how you are going to get it, but the fun will be in finding out how to do it.  You must take your fantasy and move it into a theory by building an image around it and by giving it some serious emotive thought.  In order to turn that theory into a goal you must ask yourself “Am I able to do this”?  Realise we all have infinite potential within us and so yes “I am able”.  And you must also ask yourself “Am I willing”?  Willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.  Remember that failing does not make you a failure, it is only when you stop trying you become a failure.

Making that split second decision that “you are able” and that “you are willing” – your theory becomes a goal.  And as you become emotionally involved in that goal, your behaviour starts to change and your results begin to change.  Your theory then turns into a fact, this then enables you to build bigger and better fantasies.

If you are working towards something – you are alive, if you are just working for the sake of working, you are not having any fun.  You are capable of anything and your aim is to raise your conscious awareness.  Do not let anyone dictate how you are going to live and do not let circumstances dictate how you are going live.  It has nothing to do with what is going on around you but everything to do with what is going on inside of you.

We are all goal seeking organisms and goal achievers are happy productive individuals who have the ability to change the world.

Terri Newman-Hodge

Having pursued personal growth, consulting, and development throughout my life, I am now thrilled to be able to turn that passion into a business, by working with and facilitating Proctor Gallagher Institute’s “Thinking Into Results” program, that helps people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

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