“Terri Newman-Hodge has been my Proctor Gallagher coach for the last 3-4 months.

In that time, I’ve really grown as a person – I’ve learnt the importance of goal setting and then writing those goals down and reading them whenever I can. I’ve also learnt about changing my paradigms to make myself a more effective person.

So, thank you Terri – with each session we have together, I’m continually learning and improving my life.”

Michael F, Hobsonville.

“I am enjoying the Thinking Into Results course and look forward to the weekly review/catchups with Terri, who always has a different observation on the current module than what I’ve discovered, and that helps me gain a greater understanding of myself. Loving the new ways of thinking, and looking forward to new results!”

Terri Gasparich.

Terri Newman-Hodge

Having pursued personal growth, consulting, and development throughout my life, I am now thrilled to be able to turn that passion into a business, by working with and facilitating Proctor Gallagher Institute’s “Thinking Into Results” program, that helps people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

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