Every day we are bombarded with messages, the information that comes to us through our sensory environment – from what we see, what we hear, what we touch, what we smell, and what we taste.

What many of us do is allow our senses to shape who we are. We simply react to this external stimuli and live our lives from the outside in. Living this way, our environment and our external messages dictate our behaviour and therefore impact upon our results.

But living like this does us a great disservice. Because it neglects the power that we all have within us – our conscious mind, our intellectual mind, our mind that has the capability of thought, of accepting and rejecting the information, ideas, or beliefs that are given to us.

Yes, external stimuli can shape our self-image and how we behave, that’s how we are programmed from a young age. But we all have a huge potential to challenge and change how we think and ultimately change ourselves and the world. These changes come about by first understanding how our mind works.

According to the stick man figure, designed by renowned Concept Therapist Dr Thurman Fleet in 1934, our mind consists of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. This simple but powerful image illustrates that our mind is not our brain, but a process, a flow of information from the rational, aware, and intellectual conscious mind to the emotional and feeling subconscious mind.

Then there is a flow on effect to our body, which is an instrument of our mind. Through our body, our thoughts and emotions are expressed via our actions and demonstrated in our results.

From this model, we can see that what the conscious mind accepts and continues to think, has a profound impact on our subconscious mind and our way of being and how we perform. We become what we think about all day long. If you think you are always going to fail, you will. If you think you are a success, you are.

The subconscious mind does not have the ability to choose what information and ideas it holds, it accepts what it is given by the conscious mind. The subconscious is where memories and entrenched emotions and habits live. This is where paradigms are shaped.

So, it’s important to try and safeguard our subconscious. And we can do this by being aware of our thoughts. Being aware that our environment can impact us, unless we proactively decide to live from the inside out. We don’t have to live reactionary lives.

We don’t have to let the negative beliefs of the past shape our future. We no longer need to give in to the negative paradigms or habits that live in our subconscious. Wecan live proactive lives, lives that are shaped by positive thoughts, positive paradigms and a positive self-image.

But it does take time and effort. It takes more than will-power. It takes a change in programming of your mind. Repetition of good and positive thoughts to shift your paradigms.

It’s best to tackle one paradigm at a time. By understanding the way your mind works, and what thought patterns you accept, you can discover why you are doing what you are doing and then change your behaviour and results. By thinking deeply and positively about yourself, and living from the inside out, you have so much more potential than you ever believed.

Terri Newman-Hodge

Having pursued personal growth, consulting, and development throughout my life, I am now thrilled to be able to turn that passion into a business, by working with and facilitating Proctor Gallagher Institute’s “Thinking Into Results” program, that helps people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

© 2018 Terri Newman-Hodge