If you want to change your results you need to change your mind and think in a different way.  There is a big difference between what you know and what you actually do.  Our educational system is based on knowing things.  We are told information and if we remember this information and can answer certain questions we pass the exams and we get the degrees.

There are two parts to our mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind, also known as the intellectual or educated mind, gathers information but we don’t necessarily do what we know how to do.  We know more but we seem to do less, causing frustration which is expressed in all kinds of behavioural patterns with negative results in our life.

The subconscious mind causes the body to do what it does.  It controls our behaviour that determines our results.  We try to change our behaviour in order to change our results, but if you don’t go to the primary cause of results – there is not going to be any permanent change.  When you do go to the primary cause of results – then there is permanent change.

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Why people behave as they do rests in the subconscious mind, it’s in their paradigms.  Paradigms are habits, ideas that are fixed in a person’s subconscious mind that causes them to do things automatically without conscious thought and we all have an enormous amount of habits.  People are taught and trained on how to do things but that doesn’t mean that they will actually do what they know or have been taught how to do.

People everywhere are performing way below the level they should and can perform.  Knowing what to do is not enough, results are the name of the game.  Results tell how a person is programmed and gives an insight into their established patterns caused by their paradigms.  In understanding the paradigm, we begin to understand the power of habits and we can start to understand how the subconscious mind is programmed.  Thus we can start to change our own programming.

As a baby we are programmed with genetic conditioning.  In addition – whatever is going on around us, in our environment, flows directly into our subconscious mind.  It’s the repetition of information that fixes that information in our subconscious mind.  As we grow from infant to child, our programming is pretty well set.

The conscious mind makes decisions based on all sorts of different factors, but the decisions we make are not generally carried out because our paradigms block those decisions.  We need to change our programming in order to follow through on decisions made.

Thinking by itself will not change the results, you have to internalise the thinking and as you internalise the thinking and it’s done through repetition and through process, the paradigm is changed, the behaviour is changed and the results are changed.  Top performers always operate with a different paradigm.

If we want to change the results, we have to change our programming.  We do this by taking out ideas that are controlling our paradigm and replace them with other ideas.  You do that by changing the image you have of yourself.  That is part of the paradigm that’s controlling your behaviour.

Terri Newman-Hodge

Having pursued personal growth, consulting, and development throughout my life, I am now thrilled to be able to turn that passion into a business, by working with and facilitating Proctor Gallagher Institute’s “Thinking Into Results” program, that helps people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

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